Forest Hills Apartment Rentals

Forest Hills Apartment Rentals

Are you planning to snag an apartment in Forest Hills this fall? Keep your eyes open, because Forest Hills apartment rentals are dropping in price post-COVID.

According to, the average monthly rent in Queens has decreased by more than 4% since September 2019. It appears that small families will benefit most from this change with two-bedroom apartments seeing the largest price difference.

Forest Hills Apartment Rentals for Everyone

Are you looking for a certain type of apartment? You’re in luck, because Forest Hills apartment rentals are found in all styles. As you search for an apartment to call home, you’ll see:

  • Studio apartments.
  • One, two and three-bedroom units.
  • Newly-constructed buildings.
  • Iconic brick, pre-war buildings.
  • Luxury developments with prime amenities.

Forest Hills Rental Prices

How deep will you need to dig into your wallet to score an apartment in Forest Hills? Forest Hills apartment rentals are generally cheaper than Manhattan. In fact, urban dwellers say that affordability is one of the best characteristics of this coveted neighborhood. Here is a quick rundown of what you can expect to pay for an apartment in Forest Hills as listed by ApartmentFinder™:

  • Studio apartments: approximately $1,712 per month.
  • One-bedroom apartments: approximately $2,140 per month.
  • Two-bedroom apartments: approximately $2,507 per month.
  • Three-bedroom apartments: approximately $3,233 per month.

An Apartment With Amenities? Yes, Please!

In Forest Hills, renting an apartment doesn’t necessarily mean bare-bones living. Many Forest Hills apartment rentals are complete with deluxe community amenities that most people associate with property ownership. Your new apartment might include:

  • Doorman service.
  • Concierge service.
  • A fitness facility.
  • Private green spaces and playgrounds.
  • Resident events.
  • Pet-friendly units and a dog run.
  • Laundry facilities.
  • Attended parking.

Rentals are Real Estate!

If you want to rent an apartment in Forest Hills, you won’t be left to fend for yourself. Forest Hills Realty isn’t just for buyers and sellers. We are for renters, too! Connect with us today to explore rental options in Forest Hills.

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