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Selling a home can be a stressful transaction. Confidently pricing a home in an accurate range is an art that few people have perfected. A comparative market analysis and an appraisal are two tools that can demystify the process of home pricing. The difference between these tools is simple:

  • A competitive market analysis is a process that helps to determine what price a home could reasonably be sold at.
  • An appraisal determines how much money a lending agency is likely to loan to purchase a home.

Forest Hills Realty offers a free property appraisal to assist sellers in appropriately pricing their home. This valuable service will assist homeowners in evaluating their property correctly.

Conducting an appraisal prior to selling a property is an often overlooked step in the listing process.

There are several benefits to obtaining an appraisal prior to listing:

  • An appraisal ensures that the home is not priced too low, which could put the seller under financial strain.
  • An appraisal keeps the price in a fair range, attracting potential buyers.
  • Pricing a home fairly with the guidance of an appraisal reduces the time that a home spends on the market.
  • Information about the appraisal can be shared with potential buyers during showings or open houses, supporting the list price of the property and increasing the confidence of potential buyers.

Forest Hills Realty wants you to sell your home quickly and at a fair price. Take advantage of our free property appraisal service offered to sellers for evaluation purposes.

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