Mixed Use

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Investors in need of an income-producing property and entrepreneurs seeking to start or relocate a business will find what they are looking for in one of the many mixed-use properties listed for sale through Forest Hills Realty. We specialize in commercial and residential real estate in the thriving community of Forest Hills and work on a daily basis with buyers and sellers of mixed-use properties to achieve outstanding results.

It is a common sight throughout Forest Hills to see storefronts and ground floor offices in buildings with apartments on the upper floors. The combination of commercial and residential space in the same building is referred to as a mixed-use building. The real estate agents at Forest Hills Realty are a valuable resource for anyone looking for a prime location for a restaurant, retail store, medical office or other commercial use.

Business owners have the security of receiving a steady income from renting the residential apartments on the upper floors while they work to establish and grow their commercial business. Mixed-use properties offer investors the ability to tap into the commercial rental market and the residential market. Among the advantages of a mixed-use building for investors are the following:

  • Renting to a business usually involves a long-term lease.
  • Commercial rents can be higher than residential rents.
  • The mix of residential and commercial gives an owner diversification to weather changes in the real estate rental marketplace.

An agent from Forest Hills Realty uses the first meeting with someone interested in purchasing a mixed-use property to get to know individual’s goals and plans. We offer guidance in choosing the best lender for financing mixed-use real estate in Forest Hills and can recommend architects and other professionals to assist a buyer even after the sale is completed. Call us today to schedule an appointment to discuss mixed-use buildings and properties in Forest Hills with one of our licensed real estate agents.

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⇔ Click Here to View Mixed Use Listings in Forest Hills ⇔