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Multifamily properties in Forest Hills

Forest Hills Realty is the place to go to find multifamily real estate in the highly coveted community of Forest Hills in the borough of Queens. As seasoned veterans of the real estate industry, our agents are valuable resources for information about the neighborhoods and multifamily listings in Forest Hills. They are committed to making each transaction a successful one for the clients who put their trust in Forest Hills Realty.

Multifamily properties offer advantages over other types of residential property in Forest Hills for both investors in search of income production and for buyers looking for a combination of a place to live and an opportunity for rental income. Multifamily homes are simply houses built to accommodate two or more families in separate, independent units within a single structure. The structures could look similar in style to single-family homes, or they could be high-rise apartment buildings.

Our agents take time during the first meeting with a buyer to review the advantages of owning a multifamily property, including:

  • Multiple units within a single building reduce the risk of being without any income if a tenant moves because the other units continue to generate rental income.
  • It is easier to manage tenants in a single building than it is to deal with tenants spread out over several single-family homes.
  • Maintenance and upkeep costs for one structure could be lower than they would be for multiple single-family properties.

Financing the purchase of a multifamily home is easier than securing mortgages on single-family properties purchased for investment, and our team of agents is available to guide buyers through the financing stage of the purchase.

A real estate agent from Forest Hills Realty is committed to making the purchase of a multifamily home in Forest Hills stress free and rewarding for our buyers. Call one of our agents today to schedule an appoint to get things started.

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