Guaranteed Program

Guaranteed 25-day sale

Finding a buyer for a home that is willing to make an offer that is satisfactory to the seller can take time. Sellers grow frustrated as buyers come for showings without making offers. There are many reasons why a home does not sell quickly. The listing price could be too high for the current real estate market, or the listing might not be reaching the right buyers. At Forest Hills Realty, we are so confident we can quickly sell a home that we guarantee it.

We guarantee a sale within 25 days

Forest Hills Realty guarantees that a home listed with us will sell within 25 days, or we do not charge the seller a commission. Our 25-day sale guarantee includes the following:

  • We don’t ask a seller to reduce the price.
  •  We assign a licensed and experienced real estate agent to handle the listing who is committed to providing superior service.
  • We market the listing to reach every possible buyer.

We put our guarantee in writing. Every detail of our guarantee program is written into a contract with the homeowner.

Our written guarantee is unmatched in the industry

Our guarantee to sell a home in less than a month and at the price desired by the seller is unheard of in Forest Hills, but we’re doing it. Our talented real estate agents work around the clock using every resource at their disposal to ensure the homes we list sell within 25 days. Sellers are never asked to compromise on price.

We ask very little of a homeowner in exchange for guaranteeing a sale within 25 days. The primary condition is that the home must be in a condition making it available to sell, which means construction must be completed.

Call Forest Hills Realty

If it sounds too good to be true, call us today at (718) 997-6000 to let us explain it. There is absolutely no risk to find out if a home is eligible for the guarantee.