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Selling a home in Forest Hills

Forest Hills has made its way out of the shadows of more well-known neighborhoods in Queens, such as Kew Gardens and Rego Park. This up-and-coming community has a great deal to offer with outstanding schools, a wide-variety of convenient shopping, an international mix of dining options and reliable public transportation options. Now is the time for property owners who have been considering selling their homes to take advantage of rising home prices in the area. The real estate professionals at Forest Hills Realty know the local real estate market and can help sellers get the most for their homes.

Most sellers don’t know what their homes are worth

When the time comes to put a home on the market, too many sellers make the mistake listing it at a price based the offering prices of other homes being sold in the area. Simply because someone lists a home for sale at a particular price does not mean it will be sold at that price.

The trick to selling a home within a reasonable time without losing thousands of dollars is to know its market value in advance of listing it for sale. Setting the price of a home too far above its market value could leave it on the market for months with little or no interest from potential buyers. Pricing it too much below market value results in a quick sale, but the seller will eventually realize money was lost in the transaction.

Making the sale of your home a success

At Forest Hills Realty, we put our years of experience in the real estate industry to work to get our sellers the most money for their homes. We begin by doing a comparative market analysis at no cost to the seller. A CMA gives the homeowner the value of the property by comparing certain attributes to other properties recently sold in the local area. Properties are compared to each other using the following:

  • Square footage of the house
  • Number of rooms
  • Lot size
  • Types of utilities
  • Improvements and upgrades

We also provide our sellers with a free appraisal of the home. It is similar to the appraisal a buyer’s bank will do to determine the amount of financing it will approve.

Although an appraiser arrives at a home’s value by comparing it to other properties sold in the area in much the same way as a CMA, bank appraisers are conservative and the property value could be lower than the CMA. We make pricing easier by giving our sellers as much information as possible about market value.

Real estate professionals in touch with the local market

At Forest Hills Realty, homeowners rely upon us to provide superior service and trusted advice when the time comes to sell their homes. Call us today at (718) 997-6000 to speak with one of our agents.