If you are buying or selling a piece of Forest Hills real estate, you’ll need as much support as possible. Your Forest Hills Realty agent will be a top resource, but what about a real estate lawyer? No matter what side of the transaction you’re on, a legal professional is a valuable member of your real estate team.

I’m Planning To Buy in Forest Hills. Do I Need a Real Estate Lawyer?

If you have your eye on a Forest Hills property, it is a smart move to have a trusted real estate lawyer on your side. It is especially important to hire a Forest Hills real estate lawyer if:

  • You are an out-of-town buyer.
  • You are considering a commercial property investment.
  • You are purchasing a short sale or foreclosed property.

Do I Need a Real Estate Lawyer if I Am Selling a Forest Hills Property?

Savvy sellers enlist the expertise of an equally-savvy real estate lawyer. Consider hiring one if you are in one of these situations:

  • There are liens on the property that you plan to sell.
  • You are selling a distressed property.
  • You have a less-than-cooperative selling partner.

One More Reason To Hire a Real Estate Lawyer

If your gut tells you that you should hire a real estate lawyer, it’s probably in your best interest. A real estate lawyer will help you navigate the legal lingo of the multiple documents that you will need to review during your transaction. That alone is a great reason to add one of these five-star professionals to your team.

Forest Hills Realty Can Help

If you need legal guidance through your real estate transaction, Forest Hills Realty can refer you to a local, qualified professional. Contact us today to learn more about real estate lawyers in our neighborhood!

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