Forest Hills Apartment Rentals: Happy Homes or Home Offices?

Has your urban apartment been pulling double-duty as a home office during COVID-19? We can relate! Throughout the pandemic, many companies have realized that their employees can be productive at home.

What does this mean? It means that Forest Hills apartment rentals are stepping into a dual role as a home and a workplace.

Forest Hills apartment rentals, like most urban apartments, are “cozy.” They weren’t built for work-from-home arrangements. If you’re lacking space for a home office in your apartment, don’t despair! Here are some tips for creating a dedicated place to do your work:

  • Use your vertical space. If your apartment is short on square footage, look up! Invest in a tall shelving unit to store your supplies.
  • Remember the 90-90-90 position. Working at an ergonomically-challenged workspace can wreak havoc on your body. Avoid bone, joint and muscle pain by sitting with your ankles, knees and hips at 90-degree angles. Experiment with different chair and desk combinations until you get it right.
  • Think beyond a desk. Desks are intended for work, but they might not be the best choice for YOUR work. Consider any type of work surface that is large enough for your laptop, paperwork and a cup of coffee. Bonus if it blends in with your decor!
  • Keep things light. You’ve always wanted an office with a window, and this is your chance to have one! Forest Hills apartment rentals offer inspiring views. If you’re unable to set up shop by a window, choose a low-profile lamp to shine some light on your workspace.
  • Nix the noise. Even if your roommate is the most considerate person on the planet, you’re still bound to be distracted. Pick up a pair of noise-canceling headphones to mute your surroundings. If your roommate is working from home, pick up a pair for them too!

With a little creativity, Forest Hills apartment rentals can successfully see you through this new normal. If you need more inspiration, connect with us at Forest Hills Realty today to make the most of your square footage!

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