Forest Hills Condos: A Guide To HOA Living

We can sense your enthusiasm about Forest Hills condos, but it seems like something is holding you back. Is it your uncertainty about HOAs? Put your worries to rest, because today we will answer all of your questions about HOA living.

What Is an HOA?

An HOA, or a homeowners association, is an organization that develops and enforces rules in a building or neighborhood. An elected group of community residents oversees the HOA. Most Forest Hills condos are run by an HOA.

If you live in a building with an HOA, you are a member. Members must follow the rules and pay a monthly fee to cover common-area maintenance and amenities.

Benefits To HOA Living

HOAs do a lot for a community, especially in densely-populated Forest Hills condos. Here are some of the positives:

  • HOAs coordinate common-area upkeep, such as landscaping, snow removal and paint touch-ups.
  • In a condo with an HOA, you’re more likely to score amenities. Plus, you won’t need to maintain these extra features, because that will be covered in your HOA fee.
  • Your HOA fee might include select utility costs.
  • If you have a neighbor who is noisy, cluttering the hall or otherwise disturbing the peace, the HOA can help.

Points To Remember About HOAs

HOAs offer boast-worthy benefits, but they come at a price. As you consider Forest Hills condos, here are some things you need to know:

  • HOA fees range from reasonable to practically out of reach. If you have your eye on a particular unit, remember to factor the fees into your budget.
  • HOA residents need to follow the rules. Understand their policies on pets, subletting and any other special situations that might apply to you before you commit.
  • Before you buy, check the HOA’s financial health. If they haven’t planned well, you could be responsible for a special assessment in the future.

Keep these benefits and points to remember in mind as you consider Forest Hills condos. As always, Forest Hills Realty is ready to help you explore available listings in the neighborhood!

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