Forest Hills Condos: Let’s Talk About Renovations

Ownership is one of the main benefits of Forest Hills condos. If you own a condo, you’ll be able to keep up with current housing trends by upgrading and renovating your space. Whether you plan to sell your condo soon or stay put for a while, the ability to make changes to your space is a huge benefit in condo living.

Are you looking for some inspiration? If your condo needs a pick-me-up, read on for some helpful hints:

Don’t underestimate the power of paint.

A fresh coat of color goes a long way! If you are planning to sell your condo, neutral colors always come out on top. If you’re settling in for the long haul, choose colors that make you happy!

Recognize your limitations.

Most Forest Hills condos are located within multi-family buildings. Even though you own your unit, you still share walls, plumbing and electrical systems with your neighbors. Before you get too excited, be sure to run your big plans by a professional to see if your ideas are feasible in a shared building.

Abide by the rules.

Remember that document of association bylaws that you received when you moved into your condo? It’s time to read the fine print. Some Forest Hills condos have restrictions on the types of renovations that residents can perform. Make sure that your ideas don’t violate your association’s regulations.

Focus on high-return upgrades.

A few key renovations can substantially increase your condo’s value. If you are planning to sell your condo, focus on kitchen cabinets, flooring, bathroom fixtures and wall paint. These straightforward fixes might add up to big returns!

Find a contractor who is willing to take on a condo challenge.

Not all contractors are willing to work in Forest Hills condos. Respect that, and move on to a professional that will work with you. There are plenty!

No matter what your future holds, a condo renovation might be a sound investment. Take these points into consideration, and get in touch with Forest Hills Realty to discuss your real estate needs!

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