Forest Hills Homes for Sale: Three Top Tips for Buyers

As we enter the new year, everyone is talking about fresh starts with a hopeful outlook. It’s time to make a change, whether that change is in your health, your finances or your living situation.

Did we catch your attention? If you want to make a real estate transformation in 2021, Forest Hills homes for sale are worth a look.

We want you to be our neighbor in Forest Hills, but we also want you to feel confident in your real estate investment. Here are three of our favorite home-buying tips for our clients who are on the hunt for Forest Hills homes for sale:

Tip #1: Consider your future needs.

Your decision to buy a home was probably driven by current circumstances. Perhaps you’ve outgrown your one-bedroom co-op, or your workday commute is a two-hour nightmare. As you browse Forest Hills homes for sale, it’s important to honor these current must-haves while thinking about your future needs for space and amenities.

Tip #2: Love your location.

Pay close attention to the home’s exterior surroundings. You can find Forest Hills homes for sale on busy avenues or quiet streets. Try to visit the home on different days of the week and different times of day to get a feel for crowds. Talk to your agent about how location specifics might affect future resale value.

Tip #3: Think outside the box to get your offer noticed.

You’ve been pre-approved for a mortgage and made a reasonable offer on a house you adore. What else can you do to seal the deal? Have your agent do some detective work to find out. With a few simple questions, your agent might find that the seller needs to close in a hurry or needs extra time after closing to vacate the home. If you’re able to accommodate, you can use this information to sweeten your offer.

If you enjoyed these tips and are hungry for more, check back later for more great buyer advice. In the meantime, connect with Forest Hills Realty to learn more about Forest Hills homes for sale!

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