Forest Hills Real Estate: Finding a Bargain Is Possible

People are migrating from Manhattan to Forest Hills to reap the financial rewards of cheaper housing. Are Forest Hills real estate prices staying low despite the demand? Let’s find out if there are still deals to be found in Forest Hills!

The High and Low of It

According to a recent survey conducted by Markethink, a real estate marketing firm, Forest Hills currently ranks as the 41st most expensive zip code in New York City. The survey, mentioned in the Queens Chronicle, also lists Forest Hills as the 3rd priciest zip code in Queens.

Does this sound less-than-encouraging to you? Don’t despair! Forest Hills real estate is still filled with housing bargains. A savvy real estate agent from Forest Hills Realty knows just where to look.

Tips To Find a Great Deal in Forest Hills

Forest Hills real estate still comes in at a lower price than several Manhattan neighborhoods. If you are used to Manhattan’s sticker shock, Forest Hills’ housing prices might be refreshingly lower. Here are a few things to consider when you are trying to score a deal in Forest Hills:

Stay away from single-family homes.
If you are scouring Forest Hills real estate listings for budget-friendly housing, you probably won’t see many single-family homes. You’ll fare better financially if you are open to co-op or multi-family arrangements.

Prices trend higher in Forest Hills Gardens.
Forest Hills Gardens is a sanctuary in the city, but your bank account might think otherwise. Don’t cross this charming neighborhood completely off of your list, but understand that you might see fewer options in your price range.

People are reluctant to sell their Forest Hills real estate.
Many Forest Hills residents have mixed feelings about selling. Make a reasonable offer for their home to increase their chances of accepting quickly. If your offer is too low, you run the risk of getting into a bidding war, driving the price over your budget.

Is Forest Hills Your Next Home?

At Forest Hills Realty, our experienced agents will help you find the best deals in Forest Hills real estate.

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