Home Inspections on Forest Hills Homes for Sale: Must-Know Info

Home Inspections on Forest Hills Homes for Sale: Must-Know Info

COVID-19 has everyone on edge this winter. If you are browsing Forest Hills homes for sale, you’ve probably noticed that the real estate industry has made serious modifications to the way it does business.

Once you find your Forest Hills home, don’t be tempted to cut corners to settle in quickly and safely. Every aspect of your home purchase can be conducted safely, even if you and your real estate agent need to think outside the box.

Today we will focus on one of the most critical steps in purchasing Forest Hills homes for sale: the home inspection. Here’s the lowdown on what to expect from a home inspection during the pandemic:

  • Your home inspection will include two additional guests: masks and hand sanitizer. Welcome these guests with open arms, because they are there to keep all parties safe and help your real estate transaction proceed smoothly.
  • While masks and hand sanitizer are invited to your home inspection, your friends and family probably won’t be. Home inspections are currently limited to the inspector and buyer, however, other parties may be able to attend virtually.
  • Even with masks on, you will need to keep your distance from others during the inspection. We are all used to this practice by now, so this “new normal” shouldn’t be a surprise.
  • Ask about virtual inspections on Forest Hills homes for sale. These are often performed for out-of-state buyers, and many Forest Hills home inspectors will gladly comply with this request during COVID-19.
  • Look for the most comprehensive home inspection that you can find to limit the number of people that enter your new home. It’s a huge advantage to find an inspector that tests for radon, checks for mold growth or performs other specialized services.

If you are ready to search for Forest Hills homes for sale, Forest Hills Realty can prepare you for every step of the purchase process, including the home inspection. It’s a great time to buy, so don’t let these new procedures get in the way of your real estate goals!

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