Looking To Sell: A Quick Guide

To sell or not to sell? If you find yourself asking this question, it might be time to list your Forest Hills property. You’ll want to do everything in your power to ensure a smooth and profitable transaction. If you are looking to sell in Forest Hills, check out these helpful pieces of advice before you take the plunge:

Price To Sell (and To Turn a Profit!)

When your property has a high price tag, it will probably spend a long time on the market. Buyers might skip over it, and there will be a general lack of interest. However, if you bargain-price your property, you won’t make money.

The trick is to price your property so that everyone wins. This is where a comparative market analysis and a property appraisal come in. These valuable tools, offered by Forest Hills Realty, will help you hit that sweet spot in property pricing.

Accentuate Amenities

Homes in Forest Hills come with more perks compared to those in crowded Manhattan. Don’t forget to highlight these unique features of your home. Does your building have a fitness center? Mention it! Is your home located around the corner from a fabulous green space? Tell everyone about it! If you are looking to sell in Forest Hills, these special amenities will make your home stand out from the rest.

Don’t Wait To List Your Property

We are finally emerging from the COVID-19 real estate slump. Buyers are out and they want real estate options. Those who are looking to sell in Forest Hills might see a surprising amount of activity on their home.

If you decide to list your property this fall, you will notice that some things have changed. You might experience restrictions on open houses and property showings. Your agent will have insight into the best way to showcase your property under new COVID-related regulations.

Partner With the Best

Are you looking to sell in Forest Hills? Partner with the best agents in the business. Contact Forest Hills Realty today to discuss your real estate goals!

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