Looking To Sell in Forest Hills: Four Reasons Why Homes Stay on the Market Past Their Prime

If you’re looking to sell in Forest Hills, you might be having nightmares about your home being “stale.” When we say “stale,” we’re not talking about cookies that have been sitting on the counter for a week! In general, a stale real estate listing is a property that has been on the market for an extended time.

Why do some homes get snatched up immediately while others seem like they will never sell? Today we’re going to discuss a few factors that might be at play when we’re talking about stale real estate listings.

High Price Tag

If you’re looking to sell in Forest Hills, you’ll hear us talking about the art of pricing a property. Is it truly an art? We think so! The seller needs to strike a delicate balance between pricing their home for maximum profit and assigning a price that attracts the target buyers.

Poor Staging Efforts

A professional home stager isn’t always necessary, but you might want to consider one if you’re not confident that you can present your home in a favorable light. If you decide to forgo professional services, then focus on a clean and clutter-free home. The take-home message: Make your home look like a pleasant place to live!

The Home Needs Significant Repairs

If costly repairs are looming, buyers might feel overwhelmed and pass on your home. We tell clients looking to sell in Forest Hills to address these big jobs before listing their home to be competitive in the real estate market.

Sluggish Economy

When it comes to local or nationwide economic issues, sometimes it’s simply a bad time to sell a home. If everyone is saving their pennies and holding tight in their current home, you might want to do the same until the economy picks up again.

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